MushroomDX 1.26.0 [free]


Luxurious Mushroom Garden for You.
"Mushroom Garden" accomplishes new evolution. *"Log" holds the importance.
The Log became really important in this "Mushroom Garden Deluxe".
Grading up the Log is the key to Rare Funghi. *"Request" systems!
Cromwell became a bit selfish this time.
If you clear the request from him, the happy thing might happen! *Advanced Library!
Three kinds of medals are key of advancing the library,
The library will be enhanced depending on the number of collected Funghi. *Events
Get the seasonal items by participating the events.
Special gifts will be given in Events. *The BGM!
Cultivate and harvest with amazing musics.
New 6 musics produced by Toshiko Tasaki, the sound creator of Touch Detective series. *About Mushroom Garden
The world's first genuine mushroom-growing sim!
The first app was released in 2011 as a spin-off app of "Touch Detective".
Cultivate Funghi and harvest by swipe, it is the simple app.

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