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Winder время обновления 1.0.3

Are you tired of setting up your alarm clock every night?Don't like manually figuring out the best time to wake up, considering your agenda and expect

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USB Audio Player PRO время обновления 3.1.2

High quality media player supporting USB audio DACs up to 32-bit resolution and any sample rate! Will play any popular format including wav, flac, mp3

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Tree Task время обновления

To-Do lists within To-Do lists!With tree task, your organization is not limited to one simple list.Turn any task into its own list of tasks and track

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飞羽启动器 время обновления 1.0


11 1.82 MB
FS время обновления 1.1

After over 1 month of working and tweaking things, I proudly present Freestyle Theme for CM Theme Engine.NOTE : If you have any problem or issues cont

53 6.29 MB
尤品聊吧 время обновления 7.6

1 13.81 MB
Dolphin Float время обновления v1.0.1

147 2.05 MB
IP Calculator время обновления 1.0

The IP Subnet/Supernet Calculator computes subnet/supernet information for IP networks. It calculates the possible number of subnets and hosts, and va

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直播吧 время обновления 4.7.0

18 20.28 MB
美图遥控器 время обновления 1.0.1


0 6.88 MB
雅思考满分 время обновления 2.2.1

「雅思考满分」是我们为中国雅思考生量身定制的雅思备考工具。1. 考满分语料库——智能模式,事半功倍既保留了传统听写模式,又增加了优化后的智能模式——沉浸式学习,刷词效率高。拼错的单词即错即学,并根据记忆曲线反复出现,直到拼对为止。每次自定义要学习的单词数,一次学习即可掌握全部所选单词。2. 官方听力

2 38.7 MB
高级电源菜单 время обновления 7

7 44.69 KB
24季私享家 время обновления 1.4.0

0 12.15 MB
Swipe время обновления 1.4

Swipe for reddit is a fast and beautiful app to quickly browse reddit.Use along side your favourite reddit app for a fast and beautiful image viewing

25 2.67 MB
Agit время обновления 1.34-SNAPSHOT

Agit is a Git client for Android devices, allowing you to checkout the entire history of a Git repository while on the move, review changes and store

152 1.37 MB
I-R время обновления 3.0

This is a theme for the just released Cyanogenmod New Theme Chooser.You MUST be using a ROM with the new theme engine and Theme Chooser to use it.This

79 9.93 MB
Expense Manager время обновления 2.2.4

Manage your expenses directly on your smartphone. Easily keep track of your finances. This app allows you to record your expenses easily. Optionally y

2275 2.84 MB
DailyPic время обновления 2.6

You like the Bing Picture of the Day? With this app, you can download it in Full-HD resolution and even more!• view and download todays and past Bing

15 2.24 MB
联通手机电视 время обновления 2.9.2

3 14.09 MB
Xen Green CM11 Theme время обновления 2.2

To use this theme you need a CUSTOM ROM that supports the NEW THEME ENGINE.IF YOU DON`T KNOW WHAT THAT IS DON`T BUY IT.Check out the g+ community:http

608 10.76 MB
Quoda время обновления

★★★ 55% OFF SALE NOW ON ★★★Upgrade to Quoda Premium with 55% off, ends soon!Quoda is a sophisticated yet easy to use source code editor or IDE, much l

203 5.4 MB
sprocket время обновления 1.11

Printing your favorite social media photos has never been easier. Connect your social media accounts to HP Sprocket App and instantly turn any of thos

0 76.44 MB
CyanogenMod App Installer время обновления 3.6.2

** Please read this before you install! **** De-odexed ROM's only! (I think) ** I think an issue where this application is claiming success but not i

3214 1.08 MB
学而思网校 время обновления 4.3.09

3 35.64 MB
время обновления 4.2

2 27.84 MB
Task:Life время обновления 15.0

Establish exercise routines, diets, new year resolutions and other positive activities with Task:Life.★ Using Task:Life you set goals such as going to

60 309.46 KB
超级课程表 время обновления 8.0.1

★高校官方認證,最實用的校園應用★ ★首款與學校教務系統專業對接,自動錄入課表到手機的移動應用★ ★獨特蹭課方式,精準推送千萬節旁聽課程★ ★軟件內學習外語,充實你的課餘生活★ ★快速記錄課堂筆記,課後作業,提高學習效率★ ★考試倒計時,合理安排複習計劃,期末不掛科★ ★精彩“下課聊”

38 16.42 MB
Remote Mouse время обновления 2801

Remote Mouse turns your mobile phone or tablet into a wireless user-friendly remote control for your computer. It’ll surprise you with fully simulated

2042 7.08 MB
Replace время обновления 1.1.3

3 1.87 MB
知趣天气 время обновления

☆荣获豌豆荚第80期设计大奖 知趣天气是一款简洁、有爱、感性、精准的手机天气软件。中央气象局和美国气象台天气数据任你选择,预报的天气更精准可靠。清新文艺的界面设计,给你完全不同以往的体验感受。【产品特色】 1、精准:中央气象局和美国气象源双切换,全国唯一 2、简洁:去除冗余功能,清新文艺

82 9.1 MB
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