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★ 遊戲簡介 《Garena 傳說對決》由 Garena 與騰訊天美工作室所合作開發,是一款能讓 10 位玩家同場競技的多人對戰 MOBA 手遊。簡單好上手的操作方式、細膩的畫風與高品質的遊戲畫面、多樣化的英雄與遊戲模式,無論你是操作華麗的神手玩家,或是想與三五好友輕鬆對戰的休閒玩家,都不能錯過襲捲

35.86 MB
Mad Driver

Build your own unique battle machine and win in exciting PvP battles! Mad Driver is a legendary post apocalyptic action game with real time team battl

22.16 MB

The second version of the S.O.S (Shadow Of Soul) series ‘Infinity’ Light and darkness that cannot coexist... Even the Lord also turned away... So...on

47.66 MB

당신만의 페르소나를 만들어 나가는 몽환 액션 게임! • 페르소나 속을 모험하는 캐주얼 액션 게임입니다. • 새로운 밀치기 액션을 경험할 수 있습니다. • 탭&드래그로 손쉽게 조작할 수 있습니다. • 별자리를 만들고 선물상자를 열어보세요. • 페르소나의 액세서리를 모으고

53.9 MB

「レイトン ミステリージャーニー カトリーエイルと大富豪の陰謀」にエピソード01「時計仕掛けのスウィーツ」が無料で遊べるスターターパックが登場! 今作の主人公は、レイトン教授の娘のカトリーエイル・レイトン(CV:有村架純)。ロンドンで起こる不思議な事件を解決!スマホならではのタップによる簡単操作で手

21.22 MB

The Truth Is Out There – do you have what it takes to find it? Delve into the unknown, investigate mysterious cases of the paranormal and unravel an i

53.36 MB
King of Crabs

Join the onslaught: Scrap, scavenge and slaughter your way through waves of crustaceans. Can you become the King of Crabs? Intense real-time multiplay

35.08 MB

A new game subway spider man in the year 2018 is about subway superhero spider is waiting for you. New Spider Subway Adventure Rush Run runnig man sup

37.76 MB
Stack Hop 1.1.12

Bring soupy to the highest heights in the most exciting block climb imaginable! Jump perfectly on each brick as it heads your way for endless fun and

30.42 MB

Welcome to Awesome Arena, where you have one task, and one task only: to prove you are the most Awesome FPS player. Stay tuned, follow the updates, an

46.61 MB

Embark on a quest to become the programmer of liberty! Alice’s attempt to hack into the LIBRIA Corp's protocol proved unsuccessful. She was then sudde

24.11 MB

Stickman ninja archer adventure fight game, you are on a journey of defeating dark world of evil stickmen ninja’s which have many different evil force

17.06 MB

Space Drift is an exciting and fascinating racing game. You start with an spacecraft and try to drift on lanes in the outer space! Your spacecraft wil

21.3 MB

Pakistan Army is one of the best armies of world and its premier Special Services Group (SSG) is the finest soldiers among all. Pakistan Army SSG Comm

61.75 MB

With "My Lovey", you will be able to enjoy various types of romantic visual novels for free. In addition to a wide range of genres including slice of

40.39 MB
Masha, run! 1.180909

MASHA, run! – A game based on the popular TV series “Masha and the Bear.” The all-new 3D format allows us to participate in Masha and the Bear’s most

80.43 MB

Jump over plane in this amazing Merge plane game! Tap on the screen at the tight time and jump on the platform in Merge plane. Challenge your endless

13.03 MB
Handi Bot 1.1.1

Soar through the skies in a world ruled by bots. Use your hook to swing from building to building and travel the farthest distance possible in this sk

18.07 MB
Happy Can 11.1

HAPPY CAN 7. SEZON BAŞLADI! Market oyunumuz Happy Can'ın eğlenceli ve hareketli dünyasına siz de katılın! Gelen ürünleri vurun ve içinden çıkan yiyece

22.82 MB

Hamcorollin' is an athletic action game to travel around various world. Let's collect fruits and candies in stages, and go looking for new colleagues!

87.84 MB