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Tiny Magnets is a new way to play platformer game. A duet game, with two magnets, playing the same level, one is upside-down. With just one control, t

15.14 MB
Tengai 1.314

The king of famous shooting game, Tengai the second episode of Sengoku Ace.! Tengai confirmed the popularity and interested by beta test, is officiall

35.56 MB

There are 12 different surprise eggs to use to knock down boxes. Really funny eggs inside like spider egg, masha egg, hulk egg and many more. There ar

26.85 MB

Welcome to the Flying Superhero Crime Battle where the superhero saves, helps, protects people from gangster in vice city. There is a lot of crime in

38.98 MB

Six cats are the new Jump'n'Fur stars! Reunite Alex the Cat with his siblings and explore a mysterious island. Control 24 paws with just 2 thumbs tapp

33.37 MB

You are the super dentist. Adults, kids, animals like dogs & goats and even vampires & zombies are the patients! Do your worst! Perform dental surgery

12.21 MB

Experience one of the most cutting edge car chase games by downloading and installing The Chase – 2018 Traffic Games on your android devices. Users wi

44.1 MB

Survival Game - District 1 FPS is set to take you on an adventure the likes you've never experienced. Cool, pixel 3D graphics show off in first person

72.06 MB
Tower Stack 1.0.133

Tower Stack is a classic tower block stacking game. Construct your own skyscraper that reaches to the sky. *******************************************

7.93 MB

This is a free game for those who like to explore the world, create interesting designs, extract precious resources and diamonds in mines. Simple cont

24.24 MB

It is a physical and a sandbox construction, based on the manipulation of various objects. Manipulation of objects can hold a great variety: from stre

19.7 MB

The nightmare of a haunted child swallows reality. Stop the danger for good in one of the best blocky shooters ever released! ★☆BACKSTORY★☆ The story

79.9 MB

Get ready in this epic prison escape Survival Island mission. You will have to use all your skills for survive in this island! Escape from an Island j

56.95 MB

…you don’t know, who you are, and what is going on here. These strange red faceless human-like creatures just trying to kill you! But you have one adv

47.25 MB

Are you ready for genuine and thrilling Transporter Truck 3D Shark Aquarium game? Resuscitate your truck transporter mobile driving experience in an a

40.5 MB

Temple Ninja Run is a very interesting running game. Now get more of the exhilarating running, jumping, turning and sliding you love in Temple Ninja R

21.1 MB
Süt Peşinde 1.1.41

Möömu ile süt peşinde koşmaya; çilek, muz, çikolata ve eğlence dolu bir maceraya var mısın? Yemyeşil, taptaze bir dünyada gittikçe heyecanı da artan b

35.27 MB

Surprise Eggs Vending Machine game is easy for toddlers and children. There are many surprise eggs and many surprise toys. It is a Surprise Eggs fun!

28.93 MB

All the boys without exception like superheroes and comics. Every boy in his dreams saved his home city from evil forces more than once, as the real h

32.92 MB

It’s the endless play run game, it’s the endless fun. Beautiful graphics and captivating songs with the smooth touch-base control turns to awesome vr

35.81 MB