FreshPHONE 1.0.6 [free]


Get a Fresh PHONE! Works over Fibre to the Home and LTE.
Fresh PHONE has been specifically developed as a self-provisioning solution for the home user to allow you to still have a regular home phone, while your traditional
analogue phone disappears.
Zero monthly fees. Pay less for calls, have improved functionality, don't be tied to connectivity service providers and throw away that dreadful old telephone.
• Call forwarding can forward calls to your mobile or an alternate number.
• Activate Pin Protected Dialing to protect dialing out by having to enter a PIN.
• Blacklists can restrict certain numbers from being able to be dialed.
• Whitelists will always allow certain numbers to be dialed.
• Country lists can restrict or allow certain countries from being dialed.
• Personal voice mail greetings via voice or email.
• Port your current geographic telephone number.

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