One Drop - Diabetes Management 1.9.39 [free]


Welcome to One Drop for Android. We’ve brought together our award winning diabetes data visualization and design into a cohesive and seamless One Drop user experience for
Track what's important in diabetes — Glucose, Food, Meds, and Activity — all in one place. One Drop makes managing diabetes an integrated part of your lifestyle —
something that empowers, keeps you mindful, and helps to motivate.
Simple, Intuitive Logging
- One touch logging for glucose, food, meds, and activity
- Save & share pictures, notes, tags, and tips with every moment
- See everything displayed beautifully in your timeline
Automatic Carb Counting
- The largest built-in database of verified food and nutrition data
- Find your foods & One Drop automatically tallies up the carbs
Automatic Scheduled Daily Meds & Reminders
- Set up your basal insulin doses, oral medications, etc. for automatic logging
- Receive reminders to take your scheduled meds on time, every time
- One Drop is a sharing platform that enables us all to learn from each other
- Community tab shows everyone’s stuff
- Show your appreciation with a “like”
- Leave a “pro-tip” for others to learn from
- Share everything anonymously
- Privacy is guaranteed; your data is secure
Powerful Analytics
- Daily, weekly, and monthly stats
- Average blood glucose, total insulin, total carbs, and total activity displayed right above your timeline.
- Know where you are today, how far you’ve come, and where you want to go
Automatic Insulin Pump Data
- Set up insulin pump basal rates & basal insulin will flow seamlessly into your timeline 24/7
- Log temp basals right from the home screen

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