SkyRing - space jam (Unreleased) 1.1.8 [free]


If you love sports and competition, SkyRing for Android is the perfect game for you.
The object of the game is to catch a ring with a ball among the stars and toss it into a space basket before your opponents does.
The ball can be customized to look like anything, from a planet to a basketball.
By winning matches and advancing from one zodiac sign to the next, you unlock more and more of the starry sky, and eventually the entire universe.
SkyRing also features various power-ups that will help you defeat your opponents.
If you like classic arcade cabinets and old-school action and sports games, SkyRing's style will be right up your alley.
Play the most hardcore basketball game of your life and have a blast competing with your friends!
- Customize the ball and make it look like anything, from a tomato to a zombie :)
- Every ball has its own special abilities
- All balls can be leveled up
- We're constantly working on new basketball designs
- Play one-on-one matches against opponents from all over the world
- Win league and tournament matches
- PvP in the best tradition of online gaming
- Open chests and get various power-ups
- Earn coins and crystals in league play
- You can also get various skins as bonuses
- It's not every day you see arcade games set in space
- Gorgeous space-themed arenas for PvP matches
- Each arena is a sign of the zodiac that you need to unlock by winning as much as possible
- 2x2 multiplayer and more
- Play with friends in real time over Wi-Fi
- Exchange gifts with your friends
- Daily quests
- Lots of new arenas and bonus arenas
- Tons of fan-made skins
- Varied new objectives during gameplay (do more than just throw the ring in the basket)
Thanks to everyone for supporting SkyRing.
If you have any ideas or suggestions about how to improve SkyRing, please contact us at Thanks!

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  • Имя приложения: SkyRing - space jam (Unreleased)
  • категория: Аркады и экшн
  • Код: net.teslagames.skyring
  • В последней версии: 1.1.8
  • требование: 4.1 или выше
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  • время обновления: 2018-05-15