One Hand Operation Support (Free) 5.61 [free]


"One Hand Operation Support" supports your one-handed operation.
Just by sliding from the edge of the screen, you can easily tap the position that one hand operation can not reach.
It can be used on various screens such as home screen and application screen.
At standby, I try to minimize battery consumption by reducing processing as much as possible.
We will never collect or analyze personal information.
Also, a paid version will be released.
If you sympathize with the following things,
I am glad when you consider obtaining shareware.
Sales will be used for development environment (purchase of development equipment, purchase of test phone), etc.
- Those who kindly support development
- Those who kindly donate to me. (I’m broke)
<< Permission >>
- Capturing display.
- Display over other apps.
* This software doesn't access the Internet
<< Notes >>
- Android 6 or higher is required.
- In rare cases, there are applications that taps do not work.
- If it does not start even if it is switched on from the accessibility screen, please turn it off once and turn it on again.
- Because the screen shot shows a wait icon, please use icon-hidden mode.
(Icon-hidden mode will slide to the outside of the screen)
<< News >>
- 2018/03/26 ver 1.00 Release
- 2018/05/04 ver 1.10 Add cat icon. Add temporary hide mode.
- 2018/06/23 ver 1.20 Add long tap. Add quick swipe mode. Add double tap action.
- 2018/08/27 ver 1.30 Added support for Android 9.0 . Added icon transparency setting. Added double tap new action.

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