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I take pictures more and more.
But when I wanted to see that photo,
When did you shoot ... where? Isn't there a lot to look for and albums?
In that case, before the memories become jumbled in my head
Organize your favorite photos with My Album ♪☆ Recommended for such people ☆
・ I often take pictures of food
・ I want to organize photos of cute pets
・ For creating a photo book of scenery taken during a trip or a walk
・ It's hard to find too many photos
・ I want to lock the album with a passcode
・ I'm looking for a cute album app
・ I want to organize and manage my photos for free
☆ Summary of functions ☆
♥ View photos
・ Full screen display for easy viewing
・ See all your favorite photos organized in a list
♥ Album organization
-To create an album, just name the album
・ You can set a cover photo to be the face of the album
・ Album can be sorted
・ Easy to delete album
・ Album name can be changed at any time
-You can also organize photos that have been processed and decorated with other apps
♥ Passcode
・ Safe space with passcode lock
・ Passcode can be changed
・ Prevent forgetting passcode by secret question
共有 Share photos
・ You can post photos to friends and SNS by photo
・ Share to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
-Of course, even messengers such as e-mail and LINE can be shared** Notes on use ****
-If you delete (uninstall) the app, the created album and photos will not be restored even if you install the app again. If you want to delete, please understand
☆ Contact us ☆
[email protected]

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