1tap receipts Tax Calculator & Receipt Scanner 2.5.1 [free]


Self employed? Expense tracking for your freelance business shouldn't be your main job! Accounting for your self employed business is quick and painless with 1tap
receipts, the receipt scanner and automatic IRS tax tracker app that lets you photograph any receipt, invoice, or other business expense to automatically extract data for
your IRS tax records and more.
1tap makes it easy to scan & track expenses for freelancers, contractors or self employed individuals. Bookkeeping, saving receipts and tracking your business expenses
can be done in a fraction of the time. Let 1tap do the heavy lifting!
Self employed or contract workers – tax season comes in April, but it's never too soon to get ready to file your Schedule C. Receipts have a tendency to go missing when
you need them most. Go paperless with 1tap and make your self employed IRS tax return as easy as one quick snap with its convenient auto-populate feature.
Scan receipts and invoices by snapping a photo. 1tap will extract data including supplier, date, amount and Schedule C tax category for you with UNBELIEVABLE accuracy. You
can even see what types of purchases you can make with your tax savings!
Remember, the more receipts you claim back as a business expense, the less tax you pay, so snapping receipts boosts your income just like working longer hours!1TAP RECEIPTS FEATURES:
Self Employment Tax Calculator
- Self employed? Contractor? Tax time doesn’t have to be painful. Just snap to start!
- Receipt scanner extracts key information for your business expenses & IRS Schedule C categorization
- Schedule C categorization is easy and automatic!
- Tax management and calculation can be tricky. 1tap will take care of it!
Receipt Tracker & Invoice App
- Scan receipts on the go and get paperless!
- Receipt scanner instantly finds and logs relevant information from your receipts
- Scanner app with amazing reliability, even on the most crumpled receipts!
- Accounting shouldn't take forever. Let 1tap receipts do the work!
Turn Expenses Into Cash
- Save money! See how much money you’ll get back from the IRS on your tax return, instantly
- Money management is easier when you can see what you'll save
- 1tap will even suggest rewards that you could buy with your newfound cash. Treat yourself!
- Personal finances and tax management are (almost) fun and (absolutely) fast with 1tap's rewards suggestions
Self Employed & Contract workers - from Entertainers, construction, photographers, realtors, designers and more - 1tap is perfect for you!
Choose the 1tap Prime subscription that's right for you:
1tap Prime Lite
- 60 auto-scans per year
- 24/7 receipt processing
- Comprehensive CSV exports
- 20GB of receipt storage
- 12-month subscription: $24.99
1tap Prime Pro
- Everything in 1tap Prime Lite
- Unlimited receipt scanning
- 50GB of receipt storage
- 12-month subscription: $49.99
1tap Prime Max
- Everything in 1tap Prime Pro
- Real-time sharing with accountant
- Includes VAT
- 12-month subscription: $119.99
Self employed & contractors have some serious responsibilities. Nobody goes into business to spend endless hours mired in stressful accounting work. 1tap receipts
offers a smart, fun, and easy alternative that makes tracking your IRS Schedule C, tax return and finances for tax time hassle-free.HOW IT WORKS:
Open 1tap receipts and snap your receipt or invoice.
Data from your receipts and invoices will be automatically extracted and placed in the correct Schedule C category for your IRS tax return.
Your receipts and invoices are safely stored, so you can share them with your accountant, business partners, bookkeepers or whoever else may need to see them.
Check out the reviews or better yet, try it out right now with the worst receipt you can find and see how it goes!

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