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True: Unique experiences are about adventure. Creating & Sharing that adventure is where we come in.
True is a social content creation tool and a private social network, that allows you to share to other social networks or just enjoy the fun days created.
How True Works:
• True Automatically saves the ways you move and go through your day. Then it combines your day with photos, videos and stories, it's a new kind of social
How to get started with True:
• Download the app. Sign-in anyway you want. Then put your phone in your pocket and go about your Day. It’s that simple.
How to share on True:
• Add friends and share when you want to and what you want to. No fake news, only original content and real adventures shared by people you care about.
• True is Private. No one can see anything you save unless you add friends and choose how you want to share with them.
Download True now and get started!
True is a personalized social network built around creating unique custom experiences. Using True you extend what kind of content you are able to create and who you want
to share it with.
True automatically builds your daily travels into things you can post and share. True is about sharing your true self.
True allows you to post and share differently than posting on other social networks. True gives you context and connection with every post, making it different then other
social networks.
True takes everything you do and enables it. It’s always collecting your true moments. You get to pick and choose to share everything, only your best or keep it for
yourself. True connects your true friends and family to your experiences.
Unique experiences are about adventure. Sharing that adventure is where True come in. True as a social network helps you build and then shows you how to share that custom
day with your friends, family, and followers.
The true essence of an adventure is lost with the connect the dots series of photos and videos. If you don’t add a reason or explanation about the post, you’re bombarded
with questions: “Where are you?” “What is that?”. Sharing across all of your social media and the different rules creates even more frustration. True does it differently.
With simple taps you can share every detail down to a true view or as general as a city or country. True shares context with your content.
Download True now and get started!

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