BLACKROLL® Fascia Stretching, Flexibility Training 2.23.2 [free]


In this APP you will find versatile and highly-efficient exercises for self-massage, recovery and functional training using the BLACKROLL® products.
Get a BLACKROLL® roll- and workout for each body part, BLACKROLL® product or training level, all in one APP.
Download the APP on your phone and roll into a fitter life!
Your physical health is what matters most to us. That is why we produce tools and create exercises that directly aim to improve this.
BLACKROLL® offers people of all ages and sports levels the possibility to improve their flexibility, balance, and strength by doing simple exercises and applying self
massage. They are the optimal addition to classical treatment methods, such as physiotherapy, massage, Rolfing or osteotherapy.
We encourage you to try out the exercises with the BLACKROLL® products and experience how this will positively influence your fitness, performance and general
Let’s get rolling!
- Improves flexibility, mobility and performance of the muscles.
- Prevents muscle pain and typical injuries like muscle damage, occurring from overuse or repetitive movement.
- Targeted recovery of the muscles and improvement of blood circulation.
- Improves poor posture through balance work.
BLACKROLL® allows for multifunctional use: workout and roll-out.
- Actively enhances your fitness, performance and wellbeing, and avoids pain, such as typical (sport-related) injuries.
The musculature functions because its being held together by an essential but often overlooked tissue: the fasciae. This connective tissue surrounds and permeates every
muscle, bone, nerve and organ; simply said it’s the stuff that keeps us together.
Fascia is comparable to a three-dimensional full body suit, which forms a network of supporting structures. Research proves that the fasciae have a great influence on our
posture, quality of movement, pain perception, and muscles. These are the elements of our body on which self myofascial release, or self massage, has an influence to prevent
muscle pain and improve the recovery ability of muscles.

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