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With Sinemia, you can easily access all of the information and services in the world of cinema, socialize, and enjoy unique movie content whenever you want.
As a member of Sinemia Premium, you can watch movies in every major movie theaters, all while benefiting from exclusive Sinemia Premium privileges.
Sinemia mobile app features:
• Create, share, like, and follow lists of the movies, celebrities, and directors.
• Discover the latest trending movie recommendations, lists, celebrities, and directors.
• Get the most up-to-date posts with lists, celebrities, and people you follow.
• Find showtimes for nearby movie theaters.
Sinemia Premium features:
• Watch free movies in major movie theaters, in accordance to the package you’ve selected.
• Go to any movie theater you want and get your ticket for the showtime you want.
• You can even buy your ticket in advance while you are at home with advance ticket feature.
• Watch the latest blockbusters anytime and never miss a new release again.
• Choose the showtimes you want, on the day you want, and enjoy movies whenever you want.
• Participate in private premieres and galas and experience every aspect of the colorful world of cinema with Sinemia.
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Sometimes we want to get away from the life we are in, to hear and see different stories, and to share the lives of heroes on the silver screen. In the movie theater, we
freeze time and start living in the moment. With Sinemia Premium, you can have this unique experience anytime you want, anywhere you want. Don’t just live in the moment at
the movies, start living with Sinemia and lead an exciting life full of special surprises.

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