Shoot Hunter-Gun Killer 2.0.1 [free]


One Man. One War. Now You Are The Hot Sniper Killer.
*There you play the game was the fantastic 3D FPS game .As the sole surviving special forces of a renegade attack against a ruthless terrorist organization, you are
stranded on the battlefield and hell-bent on payback.
You must use all of your specialized skills to survive the onslaught of the enemy forces and avenge your fallen soldiers.Faced with this situation of you have no choice
but to grasp the nettle.From the M16 to AK47 and sniper guns, as you have access to a variety of light and heavy weapons, as well as powerful grenade too!In the battle you
will be sent to different locations to perform the difficult task.Such as IceWorld,Desert,City.
Game Features:
**Fight in difficult terrain
You will face different environmental challenges spacing case.But nothing can stop you to destroy the enemy's confidence.
**Providing advanced weaponry
Many full power firearms will be available to give a fatal blow to terrorists for you.AK47,M16,WA2000,AWP,M400.
**Experience the perfect touch operation
The awesome 1rd person shooter with stunning console quality visuals, precise controls, advanced physics and destructibles. Jump in the heat of battle and push your
Android device to the limit!
**Complete Dangerous Missions
The number of enemies and the AI you face are different depending on your selected tasks in each level.In short, the more the enemy killed, the more reward you get.
What are you waiting for, let's take a journey and start killing.

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  • Имя приложения: Shoot Hunter-Gun Killer
  • категория: Аркады и экшн
  • Код: com.ray3d.shootsniper
  • В последней версии: 2.0.1
  • требование: 4.4 или выше
  • Размер файла : 42.19 MB
  • время обновления: 2021-09-17