LIFE Intelligence Self, Career, Relationship Guide 1.3.7 [free]


Facing a big decision? Fighting with a significant other? Get immediate tools to solve LIFE's many problems: from bad moods to productivity blockers &
personal conflicts.
LIFE is the all-in-one tool to feel and do your best: to manage stress and anxiety, improve work productivity and build lasting relationships. Our pocket problem-solving app
goes beyond helping you calm down. We focus more on fixing whatever is causing your stress, such as missed goals, bad decisions, or breakups.
To give you a sense of our content breadth, Meditation and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) comprise less than 1% of what we teach and are free-forever features. Because
our app encompasses so much, some users call us a leadership course, while others say we’ve saved their 7-year marriages. Whatever problem you’re facing, there’s probably
something inside LIFE that can help.
“Helped me feel self-sufficient in navigating difficult emotions and situations with scientifically-proven methods. Goes beyond single lessons from coaching or therapy and
gives a broader set of knowledge and tools." – Brady G.
(1) FEEL your best with a mood tracker + emotional management toolkit.
Track your mood to develop emotional awareness. Then, go a step further and manage negative emotions. Choose from quick therapy and coaching exercises to feel better
immediately. Anxious before a presentation? Click through a grounding exercise. Frustrated with a colleague? Plan hard conversations with a 7-step walk-through.
(2) DO your best with a 9-step self-development journey (science + journaling)
An intelligent LIFE begins with understanding yourself. Short readings and reflections guide you through a process of self-discovery. Understand your traits and habits to
grow personally and professionally. Gain insight into your:
1 Mind & emotions
2 Self-awareness & life story
3 Values, goals, and habits
4 Time and regret management
5 Decisions and biases
6 Social dynamics & self-confidence
7 Relationship patterns
8 Communication skills & conflicts
9 Leadership skills & emotional intelligence
(1) Science. Made by type-A professionals, LIFE takes a science-backed approach to self-care. We cite all information in-app with peer-reviewed studies, so you can trace the
exact source and feel confident you’re using validated strategies.
(2) Privacy. LIFE is entirely self-guided. Unlike AI chat bots, LIFE doesn’t touch or use your responses in any way. None of it comes to us: it’s saved on your phone
We created LIFE to put research rigor into our biggest LIFE questions. Our small but dedicated team does a lot with a little, and our goal is to help you also do more with
less: becoming the most efficient, effective, intentional version of you.
What can we help save? A lost relationship, a life regret?
Mental health doesn't happen in a silo: it's a spectrum on which everyone can improve. 89% of career failures are due to lack of soft skills, not hard skills. Scientists can
predict divorce with 95% accuracy. Our LIFE goal is to get to you first. When problems arise, we may waste time fuming instead of fixing. At the least, LIFE helps you escape
mental ruts in minutes, saving hours of productivity. At the most, what could LIFE save for you?

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