Wiki Race - Wikipedia Game 1.205 [free]


The Wiki Race is all about learning and fun.
How do you play?
At the beginning of each game, you will get a pair of random articles from Wikipedia,
where the first is the starting point and the second is the endpoint.
Your goal is to navigate from the start to the endpoint using the links within each article, at the lowest amount of time and steps.
While navigating through the Wikipedia articles, you'll learn about things you've never heard of!
The Wiki Race includes some awesome features:
*Single Player:
-Earn experience and level up!
-Send and receive challenges from your friends
-Race against your friends in a real-time 1 vs 1 match
-Gather a group of friends and play against each other in a group game
****The Wiki Race is an independent project and it has no official relation to Wikipedia or to the Wikimedia Foundation ***

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