Alive Video Wallpaper HD 3.9.4 [free]


The first and best video wallpaper app for Android. Over 500 professionally shot HD scenes. Video files are optimised for a range of devices to minimise battery impact
(you won't notice the difference). Perfectly looping scenes include stunning waterfalls, paradise beaches, soothing forests, mountains, landscapes, gritty urban, NASA
space footage, cute animals, cool graphics, nature scenes and more.
*Shuffle your wallpapers automatically by minute, hour or day.
*Keep videos for as long as they like. Sync your preferences across your devices.

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  • Имя приложения: Alive Video Wallpaper HD
  • категория: Персонализация
  • Код:
  • В последней версии: 3.9.4
  • требование: 4.2 или выше
  • Размер файла : 11.08 MB
  • время обновления: 2020-06-30