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海卓手机管家,是一款贴心的手机智能管理软件,融入诸多海卓原创技术,集流量管理、手机加速、广告拦截、智能情景省电、骚扰拦截、软件管理、垃圾清理于一体,既优化,又管理,全方位呵护您的手机无线生活。同类软件中首创自备份恢复功能:刷机重装后不用重新设置海卓!1. 流量管理:海卓首创多套餐管理,可按wifi/

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A quick'n'easy draw and measure application.You are on the move, at the worksite, in the field, anywhere. You need to draw and measure a quick sketch?

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东方航空 6.9.7


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Seafile 2.1.16

Seafile is an open source file syncing and collaboration platform for teams. It comes with Dropbox-like file syncing, but is designed to be better sui

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Cold Launcher is the simple launcher for Android with minimalist design which greatly simplifies Android experience.• Minimalist design No app drawer,

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GO Launcher HD is the exclusive tablet version of GO Launcher EX on Android platform. It brings you with the fascinating interface, practical utilitie

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Leisure 2.2

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嘀咕社区 5.1.0

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iMadeFace 3.1

* The official iMadeFace, by Keyloft LLC is now on Android !* iMadeFace reached Top1 free App: United States,United Kingdom,Canada,Thailand, Indonesia

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LittlePhoto 7.3.0

Little Photo: Add film and retouch effects to your photos.This is free. New effects will be added in updates. Over 70 effects and tools.Developed by

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海底捞 4.1

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Kinetic was build to give your phone the fresh look that you were looking for...NOTE:This theme is designed for (custom) ROMS with the latest Cyanogen

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RootzWiki 1.1.1

NO ADS! Should be much easier to navigate on a mobile device and the funds go to developer devices.Make sure to hit the share button or the tweet butt

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